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Alfa bridge supply chain team

We leverage our 40+ years of accumulated experience of trading with China

The uniqueness of China:

China and the whole Asia have a unique business environment, with unique business practices. From understanding the notion of “Guangxi” (network), drafting sales contract, handling trademark registration and legal issues.

Each of our management team members accumulates 10+ years of experience in trading with China and South-East Asia.
our benefits.

Our Project Management services includes:

Project Manager

Dedicated project manager who participates and tracks the project by providing regular updates and implementing assigned tasks


Contract Management

Negotiation, signing and execution of contracts in China under Chinese law to protect your interest locally.

Patent Application

Guide and legal support for patent application


IP & Trademark Protection

Legal protection of your patent and trademark so that it is not used without authorization


Legal Assistance

Full legal support to protect your business and investment in China


Logistic Management

Local coordination , reporting and logistics paperwork

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Project management and legal assistance

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