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We leverage our 40+ years of accumulated experience of trading with China

The uniqueness of China:

China and the whole Asia have a unique business environment, with unique business practices. From understanding the notion of “Guangxi” (network), drafting sales contract, handling trademark registration and legal issues.

Our commodity trade operation has a strong focus on Chinese market, with buyers we have direct relationship with, we have met face to face and established privileged relationship with.
our benefits.

Our Commodity Trading services includes:

Supplier management

We maintain direct and personal relationship with our suppliers, engaging in long-term business relationship.


Logistics operations

Our local offices and representative team coordinates with majors local logistics operators to handle and supervise logistics from the mine / factory to the nearest port of loading.

Trade financing

Our financial partners allows us to structure trade financing to support our suppliers in their operations for all supply contracts signed with our company.

Transaction security

We partner with key buyers in China to provide security and payment guarantees upon compliance of transaction according to our procedures, to protect both our supplier and end buyer interest.

products portfolio.

Commodities we engage business with:

Frequently asked questions

Our main market is China, since we have our main operation office and all our legal team tailored to cater Chinese buyers. We are open, however, to clients outside of China, under the conditions of safety and risk assessment standard in the commodity trade industry.

Yes, we are open to work with new suppliers beside the ones we have established relationship with. We work only direct to mine or processing plant, not through trading companies or agents / brokers.

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