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We leverage our 40+ years of accumulated experience of trading with China

The uniqueness of China:

China and the whole Asia have a unique business environment, with unique business practices. From understanding the notion of “Guangxi” (network), drafting sales contract, handling trademark registration and legal issues.

Each of our management team members accumulates 10+ years of experience in trading with China and South-East Asia.
our benefits.

Our Audit & Quality Control services includes:

Chinese company background check & supplier due diligence

Investigation of the current situation and real identity of the provider, confirm legal compliance, risks and company profile, shareholding structure and key-personnel.


On-site Factory Audit

Confirm the supplier facilities, capabilities
and quality assurance process implemented.

Sample Review

Local review and sample reporting to speed up the process and save in shipping costs


Product Testing

Review or testing by third-party laboratory to validate the sample before a mass production and comply with requested standards.


In-Line Inspection

Check the production in process at the factory to detect any defect in early stage.


Pre-Shipment Inspection

Confirmation if the product to be shipped meets the specifications and quantities required by the customer.

Frequently asked questions

We offer all Quality Control stages for your project, from confirming reality of your supplier (background check), the reality of its facility (on-site factory audit), the compliance of its production (in-line inspection, pre-shipment inspection) and product compliance (samples review and product testing)

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